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Early Years

Irene was born in the Northeast of England - Birtley, County Durham - into a family with noted psychics in its genealogy. Extrasensory perception is an accepted phenomenon in England, and Irene grew up in this atmosphere, with her relatives frequently attending spiritualist meetings - lovingly referring to by them as "spooky meetins" - in which messages from the "other side" (from deceased loved ones) would be passed on to those in attendance.


Early in her formative years, Irene experienced events which left no doubt that she too was blessed with a strong psychic ability, and she spent years enhancing and sharpening those abilities by delving into the psychic realm of parapsychology.

Recent Years

Although she would counsel and predict for co-workers and friends, Irene did not turn professional and become a practicing Psychic-Medium until January 1980. Since then, she has developed a large number of clients, consisting of both individuals and businesses, with whom she enjoys an excellent reputation and is frequently asked to visit their locations. She now travels approximately 30,000 miles a year fulfilling these requests.


On these journeys, as well as at home, Irene has had numerous appearances on radio and television talk shows and has appeared with notables such as James Van Praagh, John Edward & Dannion Brinkley - with whom she has also toured Egypt.


These trips and appearances have been very successful and well received - and as a result, Irene has become internationally well known. Her services have been requested from as far away as Japan, Russia, Ireland, England, Egypt, Philippines and Africa.

Genuine Psychic

If you are interested in receiving some genuine psychic medium counseling, or are interested in contacting deceased loved ones, you should seriously consider consulting with Irene.

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